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Welcome To Tana Birding And Wildlife Safaris

Tana Birding and Wildlife Safaris is a private owned, Kenyan based company providing tours and travel services and serves all interests of age groups ,co-operates, individuals and budget, on wildlife safaris, wild beast migration, dolphin safaris, bird watching, road trips, excursions and others. The Tana River Primates Reserve was an eye opener for me to start this company so i can say it has its roots from Tana River. It is my hope and wish that we will change how people perceive Tana and its people.


since we are are starting we dont own our own vehicles but we rely most on freelance tour operators who hire their vehicles to us,

the vehicles are fitted with HF long range radios for easy communication ,cooler boxes and a fully equipped first aid kit.

The vehicle fleet comprises of custom built safari vans and 4x4 both with pop- up roofs for unobstructed photography and game viewing ,all maintained by our drivers and guides so that every safari will remain to be a rewarding experience

We have a team of well trained and experienced guides who  accompany visitors, with a knowledge of wildlife birds and their behaviors


To become the leading tours and travel agency in Africa  in matters concerning tours and travels and we aspire to make tana river a tourism hurb,we have places that can be toured.


Lead by example in transforming Africa through positive highlights and giving back to the communities we work around in terms of education, boy and girl support,mothers and people with disabilities.i will be more happy to serve and make our tana a better picture.please feel free to contacts anytime.

For more information on Tana Birding & Wildlife Safari, visit their website on