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This is where University comrade power and solidarity dwells in Tana River

I present to youTRUACSA. An acronym that stands for Tana River University and College Student Association. It is an association formed in the year 2017 on October and officially registered under the ministry of social services this year 2018. The group is non political and membership is opened exclusively for Tana River students at tertiary level.

The association has already registered many members from Galole constituency and it’s endeavoring to extend its operation to Garsen and Bura Constituency.

Therefore every college or university student hailing from Tana River is encouraged to join the comrades power to match together in solidarity in advocating for their rights and transforming the County.

The following are the leaders appointed in one of the meetings held last year at Laza Primary School.

Photo//Chairman:Omar Athman currently in third year pursuing a degree in IT. Phone number +254790670478.

Photo//Coordinator: Solomon Ade a finalist pursuing bachelor degree in Sociology with IT. Phone number +25708209830

Photo// Treasurer: Ramj Soud pursuing a degree in Engineering.

Photo// Secretary: Esha Bahola.

Photo//Certificate of registration