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Tanariver County Director of Press Mr. Steve Juma has recently been a thorn to the County assembly after he exposed what he deemed as lies that were being propagated by some Tanariver MCAs on issues touching the Tanariver County Budget.

Despite critism directed to him, the County Governor's Director of Press has made Tana people proud, his counter critism to the County assembly in relation to the assembly sent shivers to some Mcas who were on record giving false information to the netizens on the budget delay.

His recent interview on Tana Fm radio station caught many by surprise as he exposed what many perceived to be political sabotage against the current County Governor Dr. Dhadho Godhana by the MCAs.

Sources told pokomo magazine that Contractors downed their tools and demanded explanations from the County assembly for sincere explanations on what is really going on and this forced the County assembly to hurriedly pass the budget last week and also removing the contentious 15Million per ward development projects.

The former NTV investigation journalist has demonstrated his boldness and courage and showed that he cannot be moved by any threats directed to him, this shows how he managed to professionally and legally cover criminal investigations in the Country.

His exposes and determination on the truth has made some quarters to shiver as it was on record that nobody used to counter some Issues brought by the Mcas mostly pertaining on the leadership of the current county governer.

Tanariver people should expect more goodies from the experienced director who through his skills and expertise has seen Tana more on the world scene.

In one of the rare occasions, the director was on record making Tanariver Governor the first County leader to visit Eacc not for investigations but for creating a good rapport between the two institutions, the Governor was able to engage Eacc on issues pertaining good governance.

The Governor was able to call upon EACC to initiate a training program for all chief officers and executives on corruption and upholding integrity.

The director is not afraid of anyone as recently reported to have been blocked on Twitter by the sitting deputy president Mr. William Ruto after he posted a comment about an interview on NTV on questions the Deputy president answered on issues about graft.

It's revealed that the Deputy president blocked him after he demanded that the Dp should declare his wealth on the National Tv interviews and this infuriated the Deputy president.

Steve Juma is a gentleman who speaks his opinion without mincing his words and got full backing of his current boss.

Before quitting the giant Media house, his investigations on the city park shooting in Nairobi has since left two senior police officers charged with murder after a business woman was killed by officers and her partner wounded.
He also investigated the death of Chris Msando, Jacob Juma, Makaburi, Aboud Rogo and many more.

His former colleagues say that Juma is a fearless journalist and very resourceful with information on security at his fingertips. Juma was also a court reporter thus making him conversant with the law.

The investigation reporter also faced the renowned Grand mula lawyer Ahmednassir on his pupilage certificate which he believed that the lawyer received it fraudulently to gain admission to the bar as an advocate.

In another courageous story, the director exposed a senior Sergent Ap officer Fredrick Leliman who killed lawyer Willie kimani The officer is still behind bars and his case is still in the Court corridors.

The director is most prominent as the brain behind "SAUTI YA HAKI" segment which highlighted the tribulations of the oppressed in Kenya. He was also on record a lawyer who went missing with ksh. 1.4million belonging to a victim of a gruesome train accident.

He is also known for leading protests of journalists to the office of the then Director of public prosecutions against some senior state officers.
Because of his boldness, Mr Juma has created a platform for his fellow journalists to work for governors as Taita Taveta County Governor has also picked another crime investigative journalist Dennis Onsarigo from KTN to lead his communication team,

Indeed Tanariver residents and Governor Godhana have every reasons to vouch and empower more this gentleman, currently Tana residents have the pride of getting accurate and timely information from the executive office.

Director of Press Mr.Steve Juma with DCI Kinoti

Investigtor Juma at work

Director of press Mr.Steve Juma