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The Leader Who Will Take Tana River County To The Promised Land

Let’s face the truth, Tanariver County is still struggling to have leaders that will help elevate the county from being termed as a marginalized county to sufficient county. We have seen leaders from other regions improving their counties day in day out when it comes to development. Our neighbouring county Kilifi is now far much developed compared to us. Kwale county is now on the national radar as it receives countless benefits. These two counties are making it because they have competent leaders that are willing to push hard for development.

In Tanariver, we are failing because we do not have serious leaders. We choose leaders with emotions. We tend to follow the waves of the gasa elders who keep on manipulating us on whom to elect as a leader. We find ourselves alienated on the basis of clannism forgetting that the most important aspect to look at a leader is his or her competency.

Just look at our leaders we keep on electing in our assembly. We have leaders who cannot raise a tangible debate in the National Assembly yet his voters are suffering from hunger, diseases and poor infrastructure. Other leaders use government funding to start schools with their names on them. We have seen Tanariver leaders opening white elephant projects including schools, colleges and other infrastructures in places which are hardly accessible to human being. These are the leaders we keep on electing now and then.

The county government was meant to help and bring development to the grassroot level and ease the national government from the huge burden of managing the counties. Sadly, in Tanariver county I can confirm that we are yet to realize this dream. In Tanariver we have places that still have no access to running water or electricity. We have places that have no adequate medical facilities, others are yet to have proper schools. Yet we have elected individuals who have promised to bring all these basic needs to the people.

What we have are leaders who will go public and talk to the media that the MCA are possessed with demons, leaders who will argue in front of a national cabinet secretary on personal political issues instead of coming up with solutions to build canals that will end flood menace, leaders who instead of motivating farmers by buying seeds, fertilizers and title deeds, they rather buy maize to feed them when hungry. These issues are tiring endless.

I can say what we are missing is simple; we need to elect a leader who is upright, has an impressive education credential and is willing to work for the people. Up to now the leaders who have passed this test are very few, they are countable in number, I can only see one, the current Women Representative. The rest are a mess.

The county needs a good leader who can properly run the government. The current woman rep cannot help Tanariver county in any way. What we need is a good county governor. The current governor we have is a mess. He runs away from problem instead of facing them. This can easily be observed when he failed to grace the Madaraka day celebrations instead he fled to German for his personal gains. The time we needed him most to raise the issue of floods, drought and hunger he went to German to pursue things that a layman will never understand.

I know one will ask why I keep on raising issues without having any solution. Ok, like I said, we need a competent educated person who is willing to work with the people. I have searched my catalog (I keep track of every Tana political leader) and have come to agree that Omar Kofa Komora aka Manyota is the leader that we have been missing in Tanariver. This guy has shown multiple times that he is capable of handling the Tanariver top job. He has good working experience, he is well educated and very co-operating.

Manyota has vied in 2013 for Bura MP but did not succeed because of political party issues. He was blackmailed at the 11th hour and his party certificate was given to his opponent. In 2017 he wanted to vie for an MP position but unluckily he was forced to step down since gasa had given the seat to Said Posta, the current MP who is appearing on the media for wrong reasons. He then tried the senator seat which was vacant during the time. He wanted the ticket for ODM but alas Nkaduda already had the ticket. So he moved to Jubilee to try his luck. His campaigns on Jubilee were impressive. His leadership ability to serve his people was an open book. He clearly showed all the signs of a good leader. He was able to woo the masses with his talk, an important ability which can effectively be used on National Assemblies. But again, on the last hours of campaign Jubilee frustrated Manyota and all his campaigns struggles on the county fell to someone else.

Now he wants to vie for governor position. During the elections he campaigned for Godhana and won, but now we all have seen how incompetent the governor is. We need such a leader who can openly criticize the current regime and pinpoint the mess.

Manyota deserves this position. He understands what the people want. Apart from that, you will notice that all aspirants who wanted political positions are back to their normal daily chores but as for Manyota he is currently moving around working on transforming the society. One of the recent activity is working on the 2/3 gender rule and election date among others. This guy has the potential to deliver us to the promised land.

It is up to us to elect leaders depending on their competency, credibility and ability because at the end of the day we will require them to serve us, and not to tell us we are bothering them and we should leave them alone.

As for the current governor, watch this place. We know you are using the push up program to woo the masses for political mileage but know that we shall revisit it come 2022.