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Tension in Kinakomba as a farmer and herdsman fight over grazing land

It's just over a couple of weeks when Imran Mkoshoro was cut by a knife after a dispute with a herdsman who grazed his cows in his farm.

Authentic reports reaching our desk now have it that Omar Kimea alias OK had to fight another herdsman yesterday after the herdsman tried to forcefully graze his cows in his farm. It is believed that the local chief intervened and a legal action is awaiting.

Angry residents of Kilindini village were calling for the herdsman to be sent away from Goldinki- a village that is about 800 metres from Kilindini village where the herdsman who are believed to come from Hamale in Ijara constituency relocated so as to be closer to pastures.

More information to come as we get updates on the incident...