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Dating is having an appointment for a particular time with a person whom one is sexually or romantically attached to. Sadly, Pokomo women are still making mistakes when it comes to the dating process. Many Pokomo women are single because of poor dating habits which are to blame. It appears as if the culture of today’s dating world is leaving many Pokomo women single long after they set off on their quest to share a good man to walk them down the aisle. The most common mistake that Pokomo women are making today is dating aimlessly just because a man is attractive or because she can date him but without the outcome in mind. Remember a woman can date with the intention of marriage.

The various stages of dating below can help you know how to make the most of each stage so that your relationship keeps moving forward.

1. Fantasy or enchantment stage.
The fantasy stage is the first stage when a man meets a woman. In this stage you are both playful and you only see the best of each other. A man here is likely to flood his love interest with gifts or maybe take you out on dates because he likes you and want to impress you but not because he loves you as some Pokomo women wrongly imagine. In this stage it is important for a man to do the chasing. Your responsibility as a woman at this point is to show him that you are interested. When you offer sex in this stage then you are wrong. This stage lasts a few weeks or months. The signs that this is not progressing is when a man loses interest or is overly intrested on how pretty you are and never your intellectual personality.

2. The uncommitted stage
This stage is where the reality begins setting and here a Pokomo woman realize that her partner is not perfect and conflicts occurs. The relationship becomes more realistic and at this point a man is likely to be still dating casually. A man here may appear quite occupied and unavailable. This stage is uncomfortable for any woman. It is stressful and unsettling for her and the mistake most make is to react by becoming too available, too eager or too interested. This may seem like a solution but its not. Some Pokomo women may try to rush this stage or to ignore it. The mistake that Pokomo women make here is that they keep calling a man or texting thinking that it’s a solution. Be careful in this stage because you might lose your man. This stage lasts between a few weeks or months depending on a man. As long as he is treating you well, enjoy the moment.

3. Exclusive stage.
This is the stage where both of you are in a meaningful relationship. Pokomo women confuse this stage with engagement stage. When a man says that he is dating you, please don’t begin making wedding plans. This stage is whereby a man decides to date only you and become a unit. Here is whereby you know he is the one.

4. Commitment stage.
This is the stage where your relationship is characterized by mature, realistic love and may be agreed upon through conversation. Here a couple may also move in together. Pokomo women, here is where you meet his parents and your relationship is public and there is stability, peace and rhythm. This stage may take months or years to achieve.

5. The engagement stage.
The engagement stage is where you have seen all the good and the bad of each other and still continue having each other. In this stage you have to be committed, monogamous and begin thinking of co-creation. Please Pokomo women don’t take the roles of a wife until he makes an honest woman of you. You are not his wife yet.