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Sitting down listening to my my
Ed  Sheran blues as I watched the
beautiful sunset at an undisclosed location I couldn’t help but reflect and
think about the fate of the thousands of citizens all over my county. Is it
really in our hands as mama said? At that time, I really couldn’t site the

When Pokomo Magazine started off, I thought of it a fun part time activity where I would just pass my thoughts for the consumption of a fellow mwana jwa Tsana. As we speak now, Pokomo magazine is now the information hub for citizens all over our county and beyond. It has attracted the attention of so many citizens including big names like Governor 004 (RT Major Dhadho Godhana) our number one fan. It has additionally highlighted to our unseen talents and I would just name a few of those. Do you remember the Artis guy who was channelled to our County Statehouse where he met HE Major Godhana? Yes, the very famous artist named Redemta Barnaba.

Pokomo Magazine published an article of him with his beautiful painting works shading light on the Governor’s portrait artwork. Well, of course he’s been a charm for the public eyes but Pokomo Magazine has played the biggest role towards exposing the giant talent that was hidden in this beauty king who never seems to disappoint. Pokomo Magazine not only exposes, it follows up on the lives of those people. If you ask me if I ever knew about what I’m going to say I’d confirm that nilishtuka tu kusikia hivi. Reliable gossips chipped to us that Redemta is now into modelling also. Just a week ago he has been crowned as the New MR KELC 2018.

With all the above said, and much
more not said, we would comfortably say that Pokomo Magazine is a platform of
benefit to society. It’s the most reliable source of information for people all
over the county and beyond our borders. It covers all circles of our lives.
Pokomo Magazine is our own.Viva Pokomo Magazine for the awesome job towards