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The recently opened KMTC Hola Campus will get a face lift after the national government pumped 100 million to it. the campus which was opened in 2016 during the first devolution term was lacking basic infrastructures and also had a poor enrollment.

The campus principal Mr.John Keriri said that the campus currently offers only one course which is Medical records as it is yet to be accredited to offer the  market driven courses like nursing and clinical medicine, he also said that the campus lacked basic facilities such as lecture rooms,office and hostels and currently they are housed in what was meant to be a library and the students use a youth empowerment center as their hostel.

The principal also complained of low enrollment as they were only able to enroll only 16 students out of 50 who were to be admitted and he said this was because parents from outside the county  have a negative perception that Tana River County  was an insecure county.

but the recent visit by KMTC Chairman Prof.Philip Kaloki gave the administration and the county a sigh of relief as the National Government will pump a record 100 million in face lifting the Hola campus.

Speaking at the County Commissioners office, Prof. Kaloki said that 8 (Eight) additional classrooms,a well equipped

[caption id="attachment_2369" align="alignnone" width="300"] Tanariver county health executive Mwanajuma Hiribae[/caption]

library,and skills lab will be constructed.he also said that two vehicles will be bought for the campus; a double cabin for the principal and lectures to use in visiting training sites and a collage bus.

Prof.Kaloki also said that the September  intake will be a special one as through collaboration with the county government of Tana River forty percent of the enrolled students will be from Tana river county and this will help to build the health workers capacity in the County.

The Tana River County health  executive Mwanajuma Hiribae who was present said that the County Government  is excited with the new opportunities and promised to work hand in hard with the KMTC board. she said that two new courses will be introduced that is nursing and clinical medicine.