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Panic In Tana River County As A New Revelation Hits Villages

There is a wave of panic in Tanariver as a new revelation that has associated thermos flasks with cancer. According to an article written by Boyesturner Claims written a year ago, it alerts UK residence on new thermos which contains deadly asbestos.

The website link has been shared on Whatsapp and Facebook has resulted to hundreds of villages to dispose of their thermoses. News has spread from one village to another as more flasks are being destroyed. The villagers claim that thermos is a cause of cancer and they are now taking precautions of not exposing themselves to unnecessary risks.

Most thermos Imported from China contains asbestos. The separator of double glass wall of thermos flask contains asbestos fibre. If by any chance the thermos breaks, the user may inhale asbestos fibres which are carcinogenic. Asbestos is a set of six naturally occurring silicate minerals, which all have in common their eponymous asbestiform habit ie have long, thin fibrous crystals.

In UK, the use of asbestos has been prohibited as research has found that it causes Asbestos cancer. The cancer is also referred as mesothelioma. Exposure to asbestos can also result to lung cancer, ovarian cancer and cancer of the voice box.

Asbestos can be found in products such as brake pads, roofing materials, vinyl tiles, cement piping, corrugated sheeting, home insulation and some potting soil.

It should also be noted that the unproper handling of these products will results to contact with this chemical, otherwise you might still be on a safe side if you use them with caution.