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Oh My God Am Naked!

"Who told thee that thou art naked"

I would like to address something that has affected humanity. In today's world people are suffering from identity crisis. It began when Adam and Eve conceived a destructive idea from their enemy, who promised them wisdom. After taking it they found themselves naked. However before their enemy came into the picture, they were so happy with how they look. They were beautiful and wonderful;for that is how God created them.

Discovering that they were naked (without decoration) they opt to cover themselves. Something that made God to question them. Who told you that you are naked? Don't tell me you bought the idea of your enemy that you don't look decorated and beautiful? Did you agree with him that you are a fool? This questions I also direct them to you.

It never started now to cover up. It all began from the garden of Eden. People cover their true identity. They try to change their God given skin colour just because someone told them they were ugly in their original one. They suffer identity crisis, and some go to the extreme end to perform plastic surgery on themselves.

I direct this especially to our female folks as far as beauty is concerned. There's always the little child in every woman to look beautiful and admired. Trying to point their physical ugliness is equal to insult. At that moment their self esteem would go down. Incase there's a mirror close to them, they would grab it to confirm what they heard inorder to cover.

Men are not left out. Their self-confidence is under attack when someone tells them they won't do anything or amount to anything in this world. This worsen when a male is brought up by a single mother. This because there would be no adult male as a role model to affirm him. Therefore they search for affirmation somewhere to cover their "inadequancy." This found many in criminal activities and drug abuse.

Am hear to tell you that you are beautiful, good and competent. What you have to do is to search within and identify yourself. Who you are and how God looks at you. Bring out your potentials and prove your enemies that they were wrong. Never buy their negative perceptions they have about you rather use them as a motivation to remain who God made you to be. Say no to bleaching, buttocks enhancement, drug abuse and criminal activities. All these is'nt wisdom. Use what you have to be what you want to be.

Are you motivated and inspired? Do the necessary