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'Let My People Go' - Book Review + PDF Download Link

A Story Based On Real Life

‘Let My People Go’ is a narration of the torturous journey I went through as a parent in my quest to secure the safe release of my son, Mule Yesse, who was abducted by the militant Al Shabaab Mujahedeen. The youthful Wajir District Officer was kept in very inhuman condition while in captivity for 564 days before he was eventually released on Sunday, 28 th July, 2013.

The book gives an insight of the Al Shabaab network. There is an intricate web of deceit, open greed for political power and an insatiable thirst for quick riches at whatever cost which is exhibited by the various competing interests both in Wajir and, by extension, in Somalia.

This drama unfolds in the open in Somalia where the political Warlords and the Sheikhs call the shots while the youngsters, the Mujahedeen, get thrilled by handling the all-powerful AK-47 Assault Rifles at will. The story cannot be complete without touching on Kenya’s incursion into Somalia.

There is, therefore, a whole chapter on ‘Operation Linda Nchi’. It was a decision which came with grave consequences that will continue to be felt for a long time to come. There is also a whole chapter where my son narrates the story about the abduction by Al Shabaab; in his own words.

It is a heart-rending story which will keep you on the edge as you read the book. In this section, he explains exactly what happened from the time they were attacked at Gerille on 11th January, 2012 up to the time they were released one and a half years later on 28th July, 2013.

About Author.

Edward M. Yesse graduated from the University of Nairobi in 1986 with an Upper Second Class Honours degree in Public Administration. He quit his plum job as a Manager at the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) in June, 2013 in order to concentrate his energy in securing the safe release of his son.