County Government Promises to Continue with Dayate Projects.


You cannot stop Dayate Projects….. In a hard hitting statement circulated to social media condemning yesterday’s demonstration by Dayate residents, Steve Juma the Director of Public Communication did not mince words but took the bull by the horns warning the Prophets of doom that their plans will not succeed. Mr Juma castigated the people opposing the Dayate initiative calling them busy bodies and rent seekers whose main objective is to frustrate the County’s development agenda.

According to the rejoinder by Juma, the Governor is furious and worked up because the same people have gone to Court and they were defeated instead of giving up and supporting the County, they are now resorting to clandestine ways of derailing the projects which are meant to improve service delivery to Halubha. Juma was categorical that the Dayate Projects have kicked off in earnest and nobody will stop them and no amount of picketing and intimidation will scuttle the projects.

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On the other side the much publicized Demonstration went on as planned. Residents came out in large numbers and matched peacefully from Makutano to the County Commissioner’s office and served him with their MOU giving an ultimatum to the County to stop the projects in Dayate and want the National Government to treat the issues with the seriousness they deserve. They want the County Commissioner and his security team to intervene to avert a loming crisis in the Disputed land.

The County Commissioner received the Petition and promised to look at it and institute measures to calm down the situation.

Should the dispute persist, Tana River County risks losing the World Bank funding earmarked to support urbanization programs. There are many projects that the World Bank has withdrawn funding due to protracted feuds especially where there are threats to peaceful coexistence.


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