Resident's to Stage a Peaceful Demonstration against Dayate Incursion


Residents of Dayate have organized a peaceful Demonstration in protest of Dayate incursion by the County Government. According to the leader of the Protest Hon Hassan Dukicha alias Gorfo Kayyo, the demo will start around 9.30am. They are expecting to be joined by others from Delta and Bura who are unhappy with the manner the County is handling land issues.

The Orma of the Dayate are the most affected by the land grabbing. They have opposed the projects from beginning and have even filed a petition in the High Court, but the County Government has resorted to unorthodox ways of dividing people to proceed with the projects.

Today’s demonstration is a clear signal that the community is unhappy with what the County is doing. The key message is the County can go ahead at its own risk but should take responsibility for anything that will happen there.

The organizers have confirmed notifying the Police about the demonstration and received a node to proceed. The climax will be presenting a Memorandum to the County Commissioner who is expected to address them.

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Pokomo Magazine has through its machinery found out that all is not well in Dayate. There is smoke in Dayate. Our prayer is for the concerned parties to embrace dialogue to sort out the contentious issues and resolve the Dispute amicably.


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