This Man is Attractive to a Woman.


Sociologist studies the dynamics of society and they noted that the family is the primary institution to doctrinate a new member. It is in this level of socialization that one learn how to express anger, love, pain and happiness.

Many mothers today are failing in their parenting role. They unwittingly train their boys to be lousy husbands or partners. While growing these boys learn that their mothers love them irregardless of what they do.

They don’t have to pick up their uniforms after school and put them in the right place, their mothers will do that for them.

They don’t have to greet and be concerned of how their mothers are fairing. They don’t have to fix the broken stool that their mothers use to sit while cooking. In other words love to these boys is one way street. They love their mothers and they don’t have to prove; and therefore this marks the emergency of generation of men that don’t know how to show love and act to their responsibilities.

A mother shapes the perception of her boys about love at a very tender age. A man is mostly likely to look for a lady to marry that possess the same features as his mother. Therefore the best time to successfully change a man is when he’s a baby. Ladies take note of that before you take the role of a mother trying to change a man. Trust me he won’t take it lightly.

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Therefore let me go direct to the point. What is it that makes a man “beautiful” to a woman. What are the signals of an attractive man? Is it handsomeness? No. Is it his six and eight pack? No! Then what is it?


It has been established that men with resources are viewed as attractive to women. Infact a woman measurements for a potential mate is his financial prospect. What do I mean? The point is this, a woman is likely to be attracted to a man that shows he will have resources in the near future even if he’s broke at the moment. Thus the reason ladies hunt for men who have job and atleast a house that will contain the two of them.

Men hustle and make money!!

This criteria also featured in the selection of a mate among our ancestral women. They looked for a man that is hardworking and ambitious because that translates to resources.

However women don’t ignore the signals that the man will commit his resources to them. Since they love children they as well project ahead. Therefore the following are features of an attractive man

  1. Love
    Love is an affection. A man that knows how to express love is considered more attractive than those that are brought up with the mentality that love is a one way street and they don’t have to prove it. A woman is sure of having resources of the man that love them. To them a man should prove their love daily.

I love you should be expressed in more different ways like “you look beautiful, woow! Amazing dress you look like a queen” and so on and so forth.

  1. Faithfulness
    A faithful man s being sought out by most women. Today majority of ladies are fed up with relationships due to unfaithfulness. A woman doesn’t want her man to establish emotional connection with another woman because that means she would be sharing the resources that meant to be hers only.

Moreover a woman definition of faithfulness is different from that of a man. If a man sleeps with another woman and say “it’s just sex nothing more. It was a mistake and I don’t have anything in common with her” her woman will rarely believe him. This is so because it beats a woman imagination to have sex without having emotional connection. It doesn’t make sense but to men it’s easy because they compartmentalize lust and love. When it’s love they mean it and when it’s sex it’s purely sex. However to women love is equal to sex.

A man that keeps a mistress while he fully provide for his woman, she will feel secured and rarely will she notice that she’s not alone just because resources are being channelled to her satisfaction.

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Therefore as a man being faithful doesn’t make you less a man neither does it reduce your manhood, it rather make you more attractive and sought after.

  1. Intelligence
    A man that has the intelligence to handle various situations appears more attractive.
  2. Sense of humour
    As a man to be attractive don’t always put on a long face to appear like a freedom fighter. Develop sense of humour. Women love stories accompanied with laughter. The more you last on a chit chat with stories and humor the more attractive you become. Avoid terrorising women with that “no jokes” look.

In conclusion women’s brains are better organized for language skills than men’s and how words are a form of foreplay for women. Bringing gifts, however small, tells a woman a man loves her. The point is that a man’s actions are the key, not the actual gift. The man that does this is attractive to a woman


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