3 Abducted lamu locals released


Three lamu locals released on 15th February 2020 after they were allegedly abducted by unknown people who introduced themselves as police officers.

While at pandya memorial hospital in Mombasa where they were taken for medical checkup courtesy of HAKI AFRICA. The three namely as Sombwana, Aisha Omar and Khalid Hashim narrated their ordeal to the media.

On 14 January the three were seized at different places in lamu. They were handcuffed, covered their eyes with scarf and taken to unknown destination. They were all kept in different polished rooms, their phones confisticated and they were treated well for that duration being provided with breakfast, lunch and supper.

The victims were not informed the reason for their abduction and at every meal time they were asked wether they were aware of their offense. However after “investigation” they got released and dropped at mtwapa each being handed ksh. 7000 to take them back home.

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According to HAKI AFRICA 13 lamu residents have been reported missing since January this year and only the 3 came back safe.

While speaking to the media the victims who appeared stressed urged the government to release others who have been taken away on 13th January; and rather than detaining them they should follow the legal process of taking them to court.


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