Men|Dictations of Misguided Erection


It’s said as a man thinketh so is he, but I ask if he doesn’t think who will he become? It’s simple, nobody.

God has blessed man with brain, sex organ and enough blood to use one at time. That is to say once a man is ready to copulate his erection override the brain capacity to engage in rational thinking. In other words once his erection insist the mind shut unless self control intervene. Therefore to think rationally he has to put his erection on check.

The principle that guides the operation of the brain and sex organ is a 8 letter word PATIENCE. The old English call it LONG SUFFERING.

To be patience is to suffer for a little longer. If someone tells you to be patience that the food will be served in the next 10 minutes it means you have to hold your appetite; suffer the urge to eat, salivate until the right time comes.

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When it comes to sex Mature men can delay physical gratification and be patient to be served at the right time but not boys. A baby will throw tantrums upon hearing that they would have to wait for 10 minutes to be served because they’ve not developed patience yet. They always seek gratification of their biological drives; so are boys.

Testosterone hormone is more in men than in women. This explains the strong and urgent sex urge in men. This isn’t surprising to a woman who once has an experience with men that when a man is turned on, he would want it quick without thinking of other factors.

A man is not measured by his erection but the control he has on it. An irresponsible erection can lead one to the wrong direction. History have it that men who failed to direct and control their erection pierced themselves with sorrows. They later regretted their irrational decision they made at the height of their erection. Ruined wise King Solomon said:


“Do not give your strength to women, Or your ways to that which destroys kings.”

Misguided erection has made many to marry at a time they never expected. Now divorce rates have increased because erection made many to confuse love with lust or infatuation. He that can control erection is capable of controlling other areas of life.

A resourceful person with a stupid erection can attract women at night but bankruptcy awaits him in the morning. If the same man does not have a loyal and wise wife poverty shall be his companion.

Surges of hormones that trigger lust vary from time to time. In men they experience more of erection at night than during the day. Moreover at a time when one is relaxed and loose; especially at late hours in the night a man with erection can misbehave with a woman even through a chat wether on WhatsApp or SMS.

In conclusion 90 % of relationships are sustained by other factors other than love and erection. And every man can fall victim of stupid erection; since it doesn’t necessarily call for emotional connection. Only curious unguarded eyes and wild thoughts are needed to form stupid erection.



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