How to spot True Love


There’s a proverb in Swahili that says “chema chajiuza, kibaya chajitembeza” which in English can be translated as “a good thing sells itself, a bad thing must be advertised.”

True to that proverb in as much as we talk about love. The desire to belong has driven young girls and boys into fake love which is cheap to come by. It’s everywhere; as long as you have a sugary mouth that can manage some few lies and have mastered the art of impression management then you’re good to go and have it.

The media has distorted and painted a different picture of what true love is; to some love is how you kiss, caress and make them feel good, others is how you spend and spoil them with gifts. But are these the mark of true love?

Well, the following are the signs and how to spot true love

First, love is how you influence the life of someone in a positive way, it’s how you put smiles on their face, how you leave your name printed in their hearts.

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True love covers multitude of mistakes. You don’t have to explain a lot and give proofs. You just need the heart to apologize and say “sorry it won’t happen again.” True love find solutions rather than blaming. It put itself in the other person shoes.

True love delays gratification of short term pleasure for long term goals. It calls for maturity. It waits.

True love gives without expecting something in return. It seeks the happiness of the other partner.

True love persevere all. If you verbally insulted your partner yet they still say I love you so much after sometime of being hurted that’s true love. It doesn’t change with circumstances.

True love does not seek to fix someone. It doesn’t school someone to either behave in some way or it’s over. Rather it changes someone by impartation not by dictation

True love doesn’t seek its own things. If it’s always them; “give me this, give me that, I love how you make me feel.” Then that’s not love. It’s not selfish.


True love doesn’t win arguments. It rather settle where the relationship will be in peace. It ignores ego, pride, moods and focus on how to keep the relationship healthy.

True love keeps believing. It doesn’t have doubts. If you’re with someone yet you doubt wether you’ll end together that is not true love. Where there’s love there’s no fear. Someone is ready to go to any length for the sake of the person they love.

True love doesn’t rejoice in the weakness of the other to spread it through gossip. It respects and keeps the secret of others as not to defame them

In conclusion if love comes to change you to be your worst version and no advancement in character then that’s not true love. You need a heart to heart communication to identify true love because being only horny will create lust and remove trust for your ever horny partner and no relationship of yours will last.



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