A male vocal Tana River Politician allegedly with appetite of sleeping around fellow men is the talk of the town.

‘Her’ main target are drug abusers especially mirra (khat) users. Who are offered cash and drugs before and after ‘performing’ their duties.

One of his targets, name withheld (let’s call him Mr. X) has shown Pokomo Magazine some of the conversations between ‘her’ and him, and he told us that ‘she’ had similar conversation with others in order to be ‘serviced’.

The Politician who is from a famous Tana family likes posting with stylish cars and in five stars hotel showing that “he is eating life with a big spoon” also ‘she’ has a habit of copy and pasting write ups in social media.

Normally the politician starts a friendship with ‘her’ target by texting and calling before upgrading to offering a Kilo of Mirra, later ‘she’ offers to take them to Mombasa or even Tanzania for them to enjoy.

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Mr. X, was offered to enjoy a ride in ‘her’ car, “imagine nlipewa hiyo gari Nikijiendasha, baadae nkaulizwa, kwani wewe na huyu Jamaa mnauhusiano gani? Wajua ni shoga?” he narrate to us, which can be loosely translated to “Imagine, I was given the car to drive
Later someone asked me how I was related to ‘her’ cause the fella is a gay

Later after about three days the politician sent some cash to Mr. X requesting him to travel to Mombasa, ‘she’ll’ book a room in one of the tourist hotel to enjoy themselves, already ‘she’ has bought about three Kilograms of Mirra. But Mr. X turned down the offer.

The politician is intending to represent the people of Bura constituency come 2022, if elected ‘she’ll’ be the first known gay politician to represent Tanarians.



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