Kipini Fishermen Demonstrate over County Government Taxation


A group of Fishermen in Kipini Division of Tana River County on Tuesday held a demonstration against the new taxation by the Revenue Department of the County Government.

Speaking to the press, a representative of the fishermen, Feisal Abdah said the Department of Revenue was implementing revenue collection proposals that have not been discussed or passed by the County Assembly of Tana River.

Abdah said the revenue officers had been confiscating their fish and demanding money without proper explanation.

The fishermen also said the proposed rates were very high and unimaginable compared to what other counties tax fishermen.

The Chairlady of Fishmongers, Ms. Firdaus Mohamed said fishermen are charged a cess of Sh500 per kilogram of Jumbo prawns which is unreasonable as a cess of camel is charged at Sh.200 for a 90kg.

Ms. Firdhaus claimed the new rates were a scheme to make the people of Kipini poor because they did not vote for the current administration.

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Responding to the claims, the Tana River County Director of Revenue, Kase Daido, refuted claims that the Department is implementing the new rates.

Daido said the fishermen in the area have for long been taking advantage of the few numbers of revenue officers to sneak out fish without paying revenue.


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