County Assembly Approve Motion Proposing To Impeach Health CEC


Yesterday the County Assembly of Tana River passed a motion to set in the process of removing the County Executive Committee member for Health & Sanitation Mwanajuma Hiribae. The motion was tabled last week and yesterday the members were to decide if the motion raises sufficient grounds to warrant removal of the CEC. By approving the motion it means the members are convinced that substantive issues of grave public concern have been raised and require further scrutiny before they give the final verdict.

The news of the Impeachment has since gone viral for the wrong reasons. What happened is very simple the MCA’s acting on their oversight role and in public interest have now put the CEC on notice that she risks being dismissed if she does not defend herself against the allegations contained in the motion

In other words the MCA’s have issued the CEC a “show cause letter” to explain why she should not be dismissed on grounds of (1) Incompetence (2) Abuse of office and (3) Gross misconduct.

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The CEC for Health and Sanitation has officially not been dismissed but there is a motion in the County Assembly seeking her removal. The process has just begun that will either see the Assembly voting to impeach her or she survives.

Members of the public should therefore not rush to vilify the MCA’s for witch hunt or blackmail nor castigate the CEC for failing to deliver as she could have been having challenges in executing her mandate. Her fate now lays in the hands of the House committee assigned to look at the allegations levelled against her vs her defence and decide her fate. Afterwards the committee will submit their findings to the House for the members to decide. This will be the D-Day and all of us will be following

Should the motion to dismiss her go through, then the Speaker will write to inform the Governor to remove the CEC. However, the CEC if she is not satisfied with the process she can move to court to challenge her removal. The burden of proof will shift to her to prove that she was wrongfully dismissed and the Court will decide whether to order reinstatement or concur with the Assembly and she remains impeached.

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