Mca’s to Impeach Powerful Cec in Maj.Godhana’s Cabinet.


After declining to pass the Governor’s Scholarship Bill, MCA’s are silently planning to impeach a very powerful County Executive Committee Member (CEC) in HE Maj Godhana’s Cabinet. According to our sources, the removal motion will be tabled this week to set in the impeachment process that will give a chance to members to debate and decide the fate of the CEC they have issues with.

While the County has experienced heavy torrential downpour from Kipini in the South to Rhoka and beyond causing flash floods and destroying the road infrastructure, the residents are counting losses and coming to terms with the unprecedented rain. For others they were experiencing another form of havoc due to the impending impeachment motion against the powerful CEC.

The CEC is among the ones the MCA’s earlier rejected when the name was submitted to the Assembly for vetting. However, the nominee survived after the Governor insisted he does not intend to re advertise the positions and pleaded with the MCA’s to give the nominees a chance to serve the people. The MCA’s reluctantly gave in and approved the list. It seems after two years they have made up their minds that the CEC is unsuitable and must be relieved of the duties in public interest. This is the first attempt by the current Assembly to impeach an Executive Member of the County Government. All attention and focus will now be on the County Assembly to see if they will fulfill their threat.


The County Government Act 40(2) provides for the removal of a CEC and here I can quote:

“A member of the County Assembly, supported by at least two-third of all the members of the County Assembly, may propose a motion requiring the Governor to dismiss a County Executive Committee Member…”

Some of the grounds that can necessitate the Assembly to Institute such a measure are:

∆ incompetence
∆ abuse of office
∆ gross misconduct
∆ failing to attend cabinet meetings
∆ physical or mental incapacity
∆ gross violation of the Constitution or any other law.

What our magazine gathered from internal sources and grapevine, is that the complaints against the CEC relate to abuse of office, rudeness, failing to appear before the Assembly, failing to avail reports and ignoring queries directed to the Department.

Once an impeachment motion has been tabled in the Assembly if it is supported by one third of the members then the Speaker will form a Committee to look at the allegations and report back to the House. If the motion is supported by two thirds of the members it sails through and the CEC will have been impeached. The Speaker will communicate the resolution to Governor to dismiss the CEC.

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Going by the recent events, there is growing bad blood between the County Assembly and the Executive. The gap continues to widen as sycophants have gone on the rampage blaming and accusing the MCA ‘s of blackmail after failing to get handouts and tenders from the Executive. Others have even decided to use the Social Media in their bid to discredit honourable members. This quote from FB suffices to deliver the message.

“better a hungry hyena can do a better job for eating caucus and reduce stinking smell than 20 MCA’s who are very hungry and turn round with their families seeking contracts, supplies and jobs failure to get
these they start laying down traps for intimidating CEC’s”.

From this week, Tana river County is going to be treated to free drama as the two arms of Government battle for supremacy.


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