BEYOND FOUR: A Hon Member Has Done it Again.


“Beyond four” are the words I have chosen to describe the love story of the last surviving Tana kingpin who has now broken the record by marrying the fifth wife. This round muheshimiwa has cast his net wide and crossed borders to identify the bride among the Northern Delta slay queens.

The news of the marriage could be a shocker to the men with only one wife. The million dollar question being how to satisfy five women. One commended the Hon Member for the sexual libido and balancing act. But when King Mswati III has 15 official wives then the tall, gigantic and handsome man from the Tana basin has a long way to go.

If one wife is a headache to manage what about five? The first challenge is fending for them and providing upkeep befitting the status of a wife of a Honourable Member. But for a. Politician earning KSh710,000 per month this is no big deal. The challenge may be fulfilling what God ordained when allowing polygamy “to do just”.

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I am imagining if you say you want to spend three days with each woman, assuming there are no interruptions by the time you complete the cycle and start afresh the woman will have stayed for 15 days without conjugal expedition. The worst bit is sexual satisfaction because every woman would like to make maximum use of her days and therefore the man must perform. Failure in this regard might lead to promiscuity. This is when you should not make mistake of coming home without a notice.

Based on these challenges Islam allows polygamy but with the minimum conditions provided by the Holy Quran 4:3

“marry women of your choices, two, or three, or four; but if he fear that he shall not be able to deal justly (with them), then only one”.

Official marriage is allowed up to a maximum of four women, beyond four it is prohibited. A Muslim can only have a maximum of four wives at a go (at the same time). However, if he divorces or the woman dies he is allowed to replace.


A politician can decide to marry strategically as a campaign tool, but what could be the limit. Here it seems the sky is the limit.


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