All 10-year – old Girls to receive HPV vaccine as a preventive measure against Cervical Cancer.


Tanariver County Cec for Health, madam Mwanajuma Hiribae has asked parents to take their girls aged 10 years old for the HPV vaccine.

Over 100 girls have already benefited from the mass vaccination program in government health facilities across the county which was launched on 25th October 2019 ( Three weeks ago.)

The program of vaccinating girls against the human papilloma virus, HPV, which causes cervical cancer will be a big boost against the fight against the high rate of death accruing from cancer ailments.

Girls will get the vaccine in two doses, six months apart for free, on record atlist seven women die everyday through cervical cancer in Kenya.

The human papilloma virus, the most common sexually transmitted disease with a prevalence of close to 50 percent within Kenya , is the primary cause of more than 99 percent of all of the cervical cancers.

The minister reiterated the commitment of her department to collaborate with other stakeholders so that all girls are vaccinated.

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She further asked parents to cease from the female genital mutilation vice and asked security forces to be on the watch out mostly during the long school holidays.


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