Resuscitating Tana River County Government Services.


The services being rendered by the populist County Government of Tana River fall short of public expectation making residents desperate of any better services.

The disorganization of the County can be seen from the impromptu check by the Governor which informed him that County staff are reporting to work late and others have deserted duties but drawing salary every end of the month. This was followed by the head count which brought all the County personnel to Hola to be counted. There were high hopes of identifying the ghost workers and cleaning the payroll. However, the outcome of the exercise has not been made public. But have things changed?

If the Circular released on 29th Oct by the Chief Officer in charge of Public is anything to go by, nothing has changed, it is business as usual.

The memo seen by the newsletter is requesting all county workers to observe working hours 8.00am to 1.00pm and then 2.00 to 500pm. In addition a daily attendance register is being maintained and Chief officers will be submitting weekly analysis and taking action against absentees and late comers. These are the punitive measures being introduced by the County Government to salvage the dwindling County services. Will it succeed this round?

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Hopefully yes, but according to inside sources we can authoritatively report that the head of the public service and his workers are not reading from the same script. For workers to perform their duties diligently, they require support and facilitation. The managers should first ask themselves are the staff being facilitated to undertake their work?

Secondly comes the issue of staff motivation. How much has the County invested in motivating the workers?

Third is frustration of the workers. When personal claims and applications take ages to be processed, it does not augur well with the affected staff. For instance When statutory deductions are not remitted in time and services to the workers are withheld, they cannot be happy.

Fourth is promotion and redesignation of workers. Some workers are denied promotion or are not redesignated when they qualify.

The last but not least is Public relations. The County top brass needs to break the red tape and be able to reach out to the staff. They should not place themselves in towers. When you are out of reach, you cannot understand your workers. This explains the negative attitude of the workers, indifference and seemingly rebelliousness


Being autocratic and authoritarian might not change things because we are dealing with human beings. Resorting to circulars, memos and threats will not salvage the situation. This will only widen the existing gaps between the workers and their supervisors drastically affecting service delivery.

Managers should join the staff, work with them, learn from them and make desirable changes from within.


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