Police “Supervise” Election of Kinankomba Gasa Chairman.


Yesterday 4th November, at Majengo Primary School, police took over the role of Mabiso (gasa security) to supervise the election of Chairman Kinakomba Location. In a tense meeting chaired by an Assistant Chief, police removed the mabiso from the meeting so that the election of the chairman can go on uninterrupted.

The elders were locked in a classroom and forced to conduct elections to replace Jibran Ali. Mzee Jibran has been the Chairman since 2017 elections. He played a major role in mobilizing votes for Hon Said Hiribae the area MP. However, the two differed when the MP abandoned him after getting injured during the campaigns that saw Mr Hiribae win the seat.

Attempts to remove Jibran in the past bore no fruits due to the overwhelming support he enjoys.

Yesterday’s meeting was a show of power. Mzee Jibran could not resist the heat. As he walked out of the meeting with his followers, it was evident that he was a disappointed man.


Those opposed to the use of force to elect a chairman of Gasa were intimidated, abused and threatened with arrest so they had no option but to walk out in protest. All the Mabiso plus their wives who were preparing lunch for the elders left. So there was no quorum to continue with the meeting, but the Assistant chief insisted that the election must go on as planned.

The use of Provincial Administration and police in running gasa meetings has set a bad precedent and should be condemned by all gasas otherwise this could mark the beginning of disintegration of gasa culture and norms espoused in the Pokomo “adha” (constitution). The gasa is slowly losing meaning due to political patronage being engineered by a handful of diehards.

The Chairman of the Mabiso promised that they are going to boycott all gasa meetings in future and asked the gasa thenceforth to be using the police. He promised to send a word to all their colleagues in the County to stop supporting the gasa until the Kinakomba issue is resolved.


It is unfortunate that politicians have neglected the road infrastructure and other priorities. Instead they are busy fanning discontent and causing mayhem by waging supremacy battles.

There is the general belief by politicians that decisions made by the gasa are binding to the electorate and therefore a politician using handouts must work hard to get a chairman that is loyal and one that can be manipulated. This is why in Galole there are three gasas in turmoil Kinakomba, Mikinduni and Zubaki.

The introduction of police in running gasa affairs has opened a Pandora box. The gasa has automatically lost credibility and trust of the people. Unless the gasa is firm politicians will destroy the Institution.


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