Half a Million Mango Trees Project in The Offing.


Tana river county is set to benefit from a half million mango trees project to be distributed to farmers free of charge by Kenya Humanitarian and Charitable Organization. The Humanitarian NGO is being financed by Sharja Charity International to the tune of Ksh 75 million to implement the project. The flagship project involving around 100,000 beneficiaries aims at stimulating the local economy by increasing mango production and attracting mango processing companies whose investment will create job opportunities.

The giant mango project is a first of its kind and focuses on developing the “ngoe” brand by reducing the maturity period to a maximum of three years. The cost of harvesting will reduce drastically because the trees will only be around three metres high. The grafted mangoes variety has been introduced by the Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI). One Mango tree can produce between 1000 to 1,200 mangoes of high quality. Tana mangoes will therefore be competitive locally and abroad.

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The farmers are anxiously waiting to receive the seedlings and are ready to plant them. In fact they are wishing the seedlings ere distributed before the current rains subside. If we are to improve livelihood and build a strong economy, this is the right way to go. Other investors should emulate the example of this NGO and come up with projects that will rejuvenate Tana economy.


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