TanaRiver County Commissioner Orders Arrest of Mogoka Chewing Children.


Children below the age of 18 found chewing miraa and “mogoka” herbs will be arrested for drug abuse.

According to a directive issued to the chiefs from the office of the County Commissioner, Oning’oi Ole’Sosio, youth engaging in the consumption of such drugs were fast dropping out of school and engaging in criminal activities.

Speaking in a public forum in Hola at the capacity of the county commissioner, Chewani Chief, Victoria Jillo said that a habit was cropping up in the society where children below the legal age had formed gangs, found a joint where they misbehave and disrespect adult commuters as they chew mogoka.

“An adult female cannot pass by without being embarrassed by youth almost the age of their children,they utter very dirty words under the influence of such drugs, and that is why we have to tame it as fast as now,” she said.

Chief Victoria also noted that some of the youth had started venturing into sexual activities as a result, hence landing themselves into early marriages, with children they cannot take care of.

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She said most of the parents had abandoned their responsibilities to their children, and were instead investing their money on the herb (Mogoka), while their children lurked in the streets begging.

Also, the administrator noted that the arrest will extend to parents and adults who will send any child under 18 to the shop to get the herbs or any other drug prohibited for the child.

“I met a child about 12 years with an envelope full of mogoka leaves,he was chewing them bit by bit, when I asked him where he was taking the leaves he said they do share with the mother, it will be the last time you share any meal with that child next time,”she warned.

Ms Victoria noted that the directive was on course, further warning dealers to be watchful if they wanted to have a successful trade within.

She said the office of the county commissioner was determined to see a responsible society, living by the standards of humanity with dignity at any cost.

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