Mikinduni Residents Plan Demos Against Administration Interference.


Mikinduni ward residents are planning to demonstrate next week against the area Chief for interfering with operations of their Gasa. The Mikinduni gasa is sharply divided by leadership wrangles pitting Gasa chairman Mzee Murugu Kofa and ousted Chairman Mzee Akare Omar. Attempts to reconcile the two have proved futile

The bone of contention is harassment to the Gasa faction allied to Mzee Murugu being instigated by their rivals. The Akare group is enjoying backing from the County leadership and the area Chief to frustrate their colleagues.

Due to hostility in Mikinduni the Akare led faction decamped to Chanani where they have been conducting their meetings from. Mzee Akare got a boost when the County Government endorsed him as the County Gasa Chairman.

On the other hand Mzee Murugu has remained the peoples Gasa Chairman. He is well established on the ground and enjoys recognition among all Tana River Gasas as the Chairman of Mikinduni ward.

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The Gasa feuds in Mikinduni are being fuelled by politics. Politicians are strategically planting leaders who will support them in 2022. So any chairman who refuses to tore the line must be ousted

Next week precisely on Wednesday, the residents of Mikinduni ward from Lenda to Kone will stage a demonstration to protest against interference in their Gasa affairs by the County Government, area chief and politicians. The climax of the demo will be to hand over a memorandum to the County Commissioner to protect the gasa freedom of association and assembly as enshrined in the Constitution of Kenya.

Whether the move will bring the freedom the Gasa is seeking or not it will be up to the concerned offices to decide.


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