The Lesson Learned From Tana River County Cultural Festival


Culture is one of the main pillars of development and sustenance of communities and no society can progress in its absence. It is the identity where common values, attitudes, preferences, knowledge are attributed to the behaviour in a particular social group, and has a positive influence on social development in any given community.

Traditional celebrations are some of the core aspects of any culture. Whether it is a wedding, a harvest festival, a religious holiday, or a national observance, our celebrations are woven tightly into our overall cultural identity. Celebrating our traditions offers an excellent opportunity for intercultural exchange and understanding.

The undertakings contribute to an increase in the intellectual potential and build conscious, open and tolerant society in fighting against vices like corruption.

This week, TANA COUNTY celebrated its first cultural festival..dubbed MUSIC FESTIVAL..thanks to his Excellency Governor DR GODHANA.

The event went along with one of the biggest unrivalled traditional dances festival ever witnessed as the indigenous tribes taking part while other tribes like Kikuyu, Luo, Mijikenda, Kisii, Kambas took advantage to capitalize their business to ensure they benefit from the 11M plus that landed like the eagle.

The events took three days celebrating Tana River unique cultures . A number of indigenous tribes participated showcasing their rich cultural dances alongside Vugula famous cultural dance troupes.


Cultural events are fun, entertaining and educative especially when they take the holistic approach of history, traditions, customs, how communities were ressillience to issues like hunger, floods, drought, local structures of governance etc. They allow individuals to integrate physically and mentally. It has been noted at many levels of society that a dynamic cultural sector is a requirement for a well-functioning public sphere with arenas for critical debate and the exchange of ideas.

Identity expressed through culture is a necessity for all human development. It creates the fundamental building blocks in our personality and in the ties that link us to communities and nations.

The quality of our lives depends, to a great extent, on our being able to take part in, and benefit from our culture an element that the locals failed to capitalize as they didn’t have the prerequisites amenities like lodgings, hotels, wholesalers, busses etc.

The segregation of these kikuyus, Merus, Mijikenda, Luo, Luhyia, Kisii etc from celebrating their culture as part of the people of Tana River was it by default or by design?

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We instinctively know, with no need for explanation, that maintaining a connection with the unique character of our historic and natural environment, with the language, the music, the arts and the literature, which accompanied us throughout our life, is fundamental for our unity by providing a sense of who we are, appreciate positive criticism and not maintaining status quo but be flexible to listen and learn.

Shadrack Hiribae – CEO, Tana FM


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