Breaking News: Young Man Attacked By Crocodile In Kone Village.


A man died after being savagely attacked by a crocodile in River Tana, Kone village in Tanariver County.

The middle aged man whose name is yet to be identified is reported to have been crossing to his farm across the crocodile-infested river.

Sources confirmed that the incident happened in the morning as the yet to marry young man tried to board his canoe, the savage crocodile attacked him and disappeared with him in the fast flowing deep river.

Villagers are still searching for the body of the deceased….more updates to follow.

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    fertility can be diagnosed? What are the signs of male infertility?

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    After receiving a warning for other bursts of anger, Biggie issued Tacha her first Strike for serving it back as e dey hot to
    Joe when she hit him. He advised that she should have handled herself better and
    diffused the situation by walking away. He warned all the Housemates to control their
    temper or they will lose their place in his House. If either Joe
    or Tacha receive two more Strikes they will be Disqualified from Biggie’s House.
    Ike learned the hard way that actions have repercussions in Biggie’s House.
    Ike received his second Strike for intent to attack as fellow Housemate (Seyi).
    If he recieves a third Strike he will be Disqualified from Big Brother Pepper Dem.

    Friday night action in the Premier League takes place at the Amex Stadium between Brighton and Hove Albion and Manchester United.

    Just three games are left to wrap up the season and the Seagulls are five
    points clear of danger in 14th place. Ibrahimovic: If
    Man Utd needs me, I’m here! They’ve been keeping things tight
    of late as evidenced by their 0-0 at Burnley last weekend.

    Any chance of getting a huge win in front of their own supporters is priced at (5.05) with Bet9ja.
    The Red Devils got the better of fierce rivals Arsenal last time out, winning 2-1 to consolidate second place, five points
    ahead of Liverpool. Brighton will look to give Jose Mourinho’s side a run for their money but they are still the favoured side to come out on top
    at odds of (1.70) with the same betting firm. Manchester United have won their last four meetings with Brighton in all competitions
    without conceding. The Seagulls surprisingly have won six of their
    last seven home league games played on a Friday.

    Joy Echipue, is a Nigerian woman with talents. Her business drive started while in the college.
    Her unquenching passion for children and youth development has achieved alot.

    She is the publisher, URock magazine, CEO, URock Media,
    which comprises of URock radio,television and magazine.
    Joy Echipue is former producer/presenter on 92.5 Phoenix FM Dublin, Republic of Ireland.
    She has a degree in mass communication, diploma in public relations and
    event management from European institute of communication Ireland, a diploma in business
    innovation and a certificate in conflict management.

    She is an author of “Discover your unique self” and a certified MC.
    In this interview with Moses Nosike,Echipue revealed her
    entrepreneurial drive and passion for child and youth development in the country and beyond.
    You sold yourself to media practice, what is your motivating factor?
    My passion for media is natural.

    I started writing poems from a young age, I could not
    get into media in Nigeria, it was tough with so much
    challenges, but I thank God because the dream was
    kept alive. While I was waiting for the right time life continued for me and as a mother, I went into other things to enable me
    work around my family. To be honest I wanted to personally bring up my children because
    I have a lot of values I needed to inculcate in them in their early stage of life.
    I am a very good business woman, my business life started back in the days of college life.

    I had no option than to go back to what I love doing; we had
    a clothing shop in Ireland, CJ collections was actually the sole
    distributor of so many brands in Ireland. Back to your question, how come I sold myself to media?
    I am passionate about it and I do want people to get the
    best. URock media is a one stop shop, we value our audience and want to make life easy for them.
    You can use your URock app anytime and anywhere, either read
    the magazine, listen to your choice radio or watch your TV station.

    Hello,we sincerely apologize for the delay in responding
    to your complaint on time.

    If this issue has not been resolved, please indicate so now to help us advise you appropriately and resolve this now.

    We apologize for any inconveniences.

    Bet9ja Twitter Support

    — Bet9ja Help (@Bet9jaHelp) August 20, 2019
    I want to appreciate Kehinde Olagbenjo (KJO) for his good works and everyone on the URock team, they are all amazing.
    My dear I am a Nigerian born woman, and God has blessed Nigerians
    with a lot of good qualities. So, you don’t need to get stock in life, endeavour to
    improve at every point in life. I have passion for children, teens and youths.
    My desire is for every child to get it right, there is so much deceit
    in life now, our children need to get it right on time.

    I speak on the way forward for our children and my book “discover your unique self” is a huge blessing.
    Tell us your experience and what to learn from your multiple experiences?

    My journey and experiences in life has been in different stages.
    I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly. Learn not to give up easily, life can be funny at times.
    I am very prayerful and it has helped me a lot.
    Do not follow the microwave way of life, it will lead you nowhere and
    at every point ask God, he will direct you. Theodore Roosevelt
    said: “Believe you can and you are halfway there”. I try to put in my
    best in all I do. Make sure you are not in competition with anyone,
    the world is big enough. We have made it easy on our
    platform for people all over the world to locate and access radio and TV stations of their choice using our mobile
    app available both on Google play store and Apple store.

    With URock media mobile app, people can access hundreds of Radio and TV Stations around the world and also
    read our personal development/lifestyle magazine. Total, NNPC donate books, other items to Govt.
    With thousands of radio and TV stations worldwide people
    can now get connected to the radio and TV stations of their choice just by
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    Urock media platform gives you access to quality Radio and TV stations around the world focusing on Entertainment, News,
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    We are exploring the growing online radio and TV Stations each day and we plan to add many more radio and TV stations.
    Our goal is to give our audience all over the world access to quality entertainment, information and education.

    While the Asian tigers were able to transform their
    economies into success stories ours only sank deeper into confusion, poverty
    and hopelessness. However, if our fathers left no legacy of worth then it’s left to be imagined what we are going to bequeath
    to the next generation. It is no longer news that Nigeria’s economy is hemorrhaging and gasping
    for breath due to the debilitating recession,
    and the hardest hit seems to be the youths. As if the situation was not bad enough, the coming of betting companies like
    bet9ja, lotto, baba ijebu, nairabet etc now seems to be the death knell.
    A visit to any bet9ja shop during office hours
    don’t worry, you will see how to open a bet9ja account and register successfully.
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    Bet9ja has stood the taste of time and proves to be the best ever since the inception of the
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    Bet9ja is one of the most popular sports betting sites in Nigeria and hence has been ranked among the top five most visited websites in Nigeria.
    However, bet9ja has grown with speed over the past few
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    Nevertheless, this company has created provisional jobs for youths and individuals who could not
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    2. At the top right corner, click on the “Register” button. 3.

    Enter your email address and click Register (Note: it must be a valid email address).
    4. Now, a confirmation e-mail would be sent
    to your mailbox, or check the spam folder. 5. Then, from
    the message sent to you by Bet9ja, locate the big green button that
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    see the following list below on how to fund your bet9ja account.

    1. Goto Bet9ja website and Login to your account,
    click on My Account and then Deposit.

    2. Select Cards Instant Deposit from the displayed list.
    3. Enter the amount you wish to deposit and confirm. 4. Immediately, you will be
    taken to WebPay page, carefully input your bank details and complete your payment.

    5. Once after payment, your Bet9ja account will be credited automatically.
    1. First, visit any Bank ATM center. 2. Insert
    your ATM card and enter the PIN. 3. Find the
    Pay Bills or Quickteller menu option. 4. Select your account type either (current,
    savings, credit). 5. If asked to choose a provider, select Pay a Merchant/Others.

    6. Now, you will be asked to provide a merchant
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    Input the amount you wish to deposit. 9.
    Then, enter your phone number and click Proceed.

    10. Once the payment is completed, you would be notified of a successful transaction. Then, you can now enjoy your sports betting.

    You can use this method if you don’t want to go out of the house or working place.
    It can be done from the comfort of your home directly. 2.
    Carefully, enter your Bet9ja ID, e-mail address,
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    3. After that, the next thing is to click Pay, and your money will be credited in your Bet9ja account.
    This is for GTBank account users and those who have enrolled for the Gtbank
    Internet Banking. 2. Once logged in, locate Payments Account name is Bet9ja, depositor’s name is your
    name and account number is your Bet9ja ID. 3. Fill
    in the amount you wish to deposit as well, (this varies by banks anyway).
    4. After filling it, submit it to the Cashier to process your payment and get your
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    After some few minutes, login to your bet9ja account and
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    Manchester United will be looking to make it nine wins in a
    row under their new manager; when they welcome Burnley to Old Trafford for a Premier League affair on Tuesday evening.
    The home side are not just unbeaten in their previous eight matches in all competitions, they are as well unbeaten in their last eight games against this opponent.
    In those previous eight meetings between these two sides,
    Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s men triumphed five times and drew thrice.
    And Considering the calibre of teams the Red Devils have conquered
    inside their current winning streak, they definitely look good to extend their
    dominance over Burnley with yet another victory at (1.26) with Bet9ja.

    Barcelona’s Dembele dilemma: When will €105m signing start taking care
    of himself? It’s an outcome that’s priced at spicy odds of
    (1.40) with the same betting firm. Having said that, Burnley, with three
    wins from their previous five fixtures in all competitions,
    are massive (12.00) odds with Bet9ja to shock the Old Trafford crowd with
    a victory on Tuesday. The last time these two teams clashed on this ground, it ended in a
    2-2 draw. Bulky odds of (6.10) are on offer should this game end in stalemate, too.

    Bet9ja Virtual Football League Cheat – What You Must Know.i
    don’t really know if there is cheats for New Bet9ja Bet9ja Virtual Football League.
    It reduces the price of perpetrating crimes amongst the youth, who constitute majority of the criminals in the society.

    Instead of occupying their minds on carrying out criminal activities, they come right here each and every day, play some win, some
    lose we pay these who win their revenue, Which Country Have Bet9ja they use to offset their bills.
    You can see that they get income without the need of carrying out
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    As we can see in the image above, we have chosen Real Madrid to win the match at odds of 1.35.
    Our bet is now offered for confirmation in the Betslip window.
    We now just enter the amount we want to bet. In this instance we are betting 1000KES.
    We can see that if True Madrid wins the match, we will have 1350KES returned to our account.
    If we’re delighted with this bet, we then click the Bet button and our bet
    will be confirmed. Not all we will need to do is sit back and watch the Genuine Madrid match, hoping they get the win so
    we can withdraw our winnings. Over the coming years, on-line betting
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    Bookmakers such as Bet9ja in Nigeria and Betin in Kenya are major the way delivering clients
    in these nations the opportunity to bet on a good range of sports and leagues.
    Online soccer betting includes cash and to get huge gains, you
    will have to fund/risk massive funds. 051 with a stake of five,000naira?

    375 so you can see the secrets of my winnings all this even though.
    Week in- week out, I always win from naira bet so adopt this designs.

    It takes only careful organizing and luck to win large funds with tiny stake.

    Please be careful on these. Most of the soccer betting internet sites work hand in hand with predictions web
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    all when it comes to this.

    Have you ever follow a prediction web site and spot bets only for you to lose your bets.

    Most of the winnings I have made considering the fact that September 1st 2011
    till date have come from my head and a tiny guide from some finest prediction web
    pages. The poor side of this kind of bet is that the odds on each team winning are decreased.
    Variables TO Take into account Before Picking A Team. 1.
    Property and Away records of the team you are putting bet on. 2.
    Current benefits of the team you are betting on. 4.
    The group manager designs of play also matters when placing your bet.

    5. Team style of play. Prior objective scored or against of the group you are betting
    on. 7. If it is a rival game, check each and every group head to head preceding winning
    prior to betting. In case of inaccuracies,
    please make contact with our Buyer Solutions to rectify any errors.
    Can I open additional than 1 account with Highest Bet9ja
    Winner 2018? No. A number of accounts are not allowed. What is the minimum
    age for betting with Bet9ja? It is strictly forbidden for persons below the age of 18 to open an account with
    Bet9ja and use our services.

    How do I verify Bet9ja provisions? Please click the Terms & Situations tab
    in the menu above. How to check Betslip on Bet9ja?
    In case you want to verify your betslip on Bet9ja, Click
    right here to see Recommendations. How to Book a Bet on Bet9ja?
    In case you want to play booking on Bet9ja, Click here to
    see Guidelines. Bet9ja knows what its consumers want and how to sustain its status as getting the leading high
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    Punters can discover a variety of betting sorts for instance, head to head, ideal target scorer, over/beneath, odd/even, correct score, aim
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    GET BET9JA BONUS OF 100% OF 1ST DEPOSIT? In order to collect in BET9JA
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    They are not difficult, but skipping any of them may outcome in Highest Bet9ja Winner 2018 terminating your account or
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    our group comedian, everybody else (including top government and public service officials) is into MMM.
    He would not be discouraged by the fact that the
    MMM, like the wonder banks prior to it, would soon collapse and investors
    would shed their monies.

    On the other hand, the Biancocelesti have had a poor run. Having crashed
    out of the Coppa Italia by losing on penalties to AC Milan,
    they’ve gone three matches devoid of a win and regardless of this, they are nevertheless slight favourites at odds of (2.22) with the identical firm.
    Nevertheless, you may possibly locate oneself in a scenario exactly where you have selected to spot
    your bet on some games type other countries’ leagues.
    In this type of circumstance, your cable Tv provider could not be able to show the game live so you would not have
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    In such cases, commonly, you will not have any other alternative except to verify your
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    This Bet9ja new version application for mobile Android phones, now facilitates an easy usage of bet9ja staking website.
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    For those asking who is the real owner of bet9ja?

    The CEO and founder are known as Ayao Ojuroye and Kunle Soname.

    So in this article, without bothering yourself with the official bet9ja
    mobile or desktop view website.

    I have taken my time to craft out guide and bet9ja direct download application or software link, coupled with how
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    1. You can download this best betting Android app from Here (apk file
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    Sol de America – Independiente Fbc
    X2 & Under(2.5)

    Besiktas – LASK Linz
    GG & Over(2.5)

    Jagiellonia Bialystok – KAA Gent
    GG & Over(2.5)
    Total Odd: 13+
    Bet9ja Code: Z79XRVGN
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    Please Stake what you can LOSE

    — BET • MASTER NG (@BetMasterNG) August 9, 2018
    2. Now navigate to your Android phone settings and right under Security, click and enable
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    4. When the app installation is successfully completed, then open the
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    5. Recall that bet9ja app doesn’t work offline,
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    We also thought it wise to provide the official old bet9ja mobile app APK download in case you don’t like or fancy the latest application developed for the platform, which we
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    It also allows you to place and book your bet
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    And the application is compatible with all versions of Android devices.
    This version doesn’t really consume too much space or
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    You can use it to bet soccer matches and check your results easily.

    @Bet9jaHelp please can u guys send me all the short codes in bet9ja for example over 2.5 =o2 ,over 1.5 =o1

    — Engr chimez (@chuqumafrank) February 27, 2016
    Basically, it is advisable for you to checkout the
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    Ability to login into your account from the app. There is access
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    Features option for Requesting withdraw or cash out
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    Note: Below is a direct download link for the app, so when you click the link, you
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    Over Adfly page, just wait for it to count down completely
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    If you encounter any error or bug, just let us know via the comment section. Download Bet9ja Old Mobile App Apk Here.
    What is bet9ja promotion code? Due to the complications and long sign-up process faced by new
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