Tanariver County Women Representative Getting her Priorities Right.


At long last a public toilet is going to open its doors for travellers and residents at Minjila junction. a first of its kind courtesy of the County Woman Representative Hon.Mama Rehema Namasa Hassan, under her youth empowerment program.

The facility will be handed over to a youth group at Minjila to run and make a living from the proceeds of the project. The youth will maintain the facility and provide other sanitary services.

A public toilet under construction by Hon.Rehema Hassan at Minjila Centre.

According to the office of the Woman Representative, she established a need for a public toilet at Minjila, Makutano, Laza, Bura and Madogo.

Those who use public means often will agree with her that accessing a toilet is a nightmare. The passengers have to contend with poorly maintained facilities from hotels or others resorting to open defecation, this behaviour has been contributed to out break of cholera in the county.

The public toilet projects once accomplished will provide income to the youth, improve health standards and protect travellers from infection.


While others may look at it as a drop in the ocean, actual maths indicate this is a milestone project for the youth. If for instance the youth charge 10/- and get 100 customers per day then this will amount to 1000/- per day translating to 30,000/- per month and 360,000/- annually.

You will agree with me that this is a noble project that will engage the youth in our urban centers and provide an interim solution to the myriad challenges facing our youth.



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