Community Wins As NYS Land is Reverted Back to Them.


The long tussle between Madogo Residents and the NYS over a piece of land is finally over after President Uhuru Kenyatta interventions.

The sparking friction between the NYS and the residents began in 2013 after the residents were given eviction orders after President Kenyatta ordered that all grabbed NYS Land be repossessed back and be allocated with title deeds.

The residents were against this as they claimed the piece of land and had plans to build a market for women traders.

The Residents reiterated that the land NYS is sitting on in Madogo was a transit camp given to them by Madogo elders when they were tarmacking the Garissa-Bura-Hola Road.

In a recent statehouse meeting with Tanariver County Governor, Major Rtd.Dhadho Godhana, the president ordered Lands CAS Gideon Mung’aro to quickly pursue the handing over of the contested NYS land in Madogo to Madogo Market in Tanariver County.

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