Elephant Attacks In Shakababo And The Best Action To Be Taken


    After the Tana River county revived the dead Shakababo oxbow lake, there has been changes in the area in terms of social and economical activities. We have seen a boom in business activities especially in the selling of aquatic animals and also there has been an increase in people from different areas coming to tap on the new market.

    Although with the revival of the lake has helped alot, those practicing farming are somehow not happy because the land which they used to practice farming has been turned to a water body.

    With the lake now drying, the normal tradition of pokomos is to cultivate while water continue to dry up.

    Sadly, there is a new problem which has risen. Wild animals especially the elephants have invaded their farms and destoyed their crops. It is reported that more and more of these animals are visiting the Shakababo lake to quench their thirst and destroying the crops.

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    It should be known that there are counter measures which can be taken to combat the situation. The best known measure is to guard the farm overnight to scare the animals. Another solution is to have a dog who’s bark is known to scare away the elephants. Also rearing of bees in the vicinity will keep the elephants away.

    What if you did these counter measures and still your farm is destroyed?

    In a situation of destruction of farm crops by wild animals, you will need to report the matter to the nearest KWS office within 48 hours.

    Owners of the destroyed crops or property get rewarded by the value; if not satisfied they may appeal to the National Environment Tribunal or Environment and Land court.

    But here is the catch, nothing will be compensated to the owner who failed to take reasonable measures to protect their property from being destroyed by the wild animals. Also false report can lead you to be fined ksh100,000 or jailed for 6 months.


    Now there you go.


    1. Your advice is absolutely correct the point of emphasis is that one should be seen having taken reasonable precautions to protect and guard his or her property …we are disadvantaged because we live far away from our farms this is a practice we have inherited long time ago maybe for some good reason but I think we need to change that habit because things have changed so much.


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