“Dayate is a Political Suicide and No Go Zone” Former Galole Mp Warns.


Former Galole Mp Hassan Dukicha has warned that Dayate and Komorjila land is a no go zone and anyone with intrest on the same will be committing a political suicide.

A warning that seems to be directed to the County Government of Tanariver and Governor Rtd Major Dhadho Godhana, the former Mp who wrote the same on a whatsap social page said that under the new constitution 2010 no Kenyan citizen will be forced into things they are not willing to do.

He further wrote that if they force to go back to the aforementioned land they will face the consequences “….. Mukisema lazima murudi, mkae mkijua wazi wazi kwamba muta kutana na zilzalaa viwanjani”.

The former Galole Mp who has been in the forefront in the crusade against the county government relocating to dayate area has claimed that dayate and Komorjila is a community land and that the government should look elsewhere as it does not make sense for the County Headquarters and Prisons to be built at dayate and komorjila respectively as the distance will not favour the poor mwanainchi.



  1. Just but a Small advise Mr. Dukicha. Opportunity knocks once. As a Leader you should embrace any kind of development for the people in your area. Have you ever imagined how the community around Dayate and Komorajila shall benefit more than anyone in Tana River County. Think of Infrastructure, Business Employment etc. Think of Tana River as a whole now. A county with Industries sites, Residential sites etc. As a Tana River resident we need to Help the sitting Government to achieve Development plans it has to Wanainchi without discrimination and intimidation.

  2. Former mheshimiwa anataka watu wake wakae msituni wasierevuke. Hajui hio maendeleo itawaletea wenyeji stima, maji network, maendeleo kama shopping centre, vibarua and many more. You’ll know you are doomed for life if you have a leader like Dikicha with this kind of reasoning


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