Tragic Saturday as Tanzania Mourns.


More than 60 DEAD, 80 seriously injured after fuel tanker overturns and bursts into flames at Msamvu in Morogoro town, Tanzania. The death toll is expected to rise.

The explosion occurred about 200 km west of the capital Dar es Salaam, around 7:00 AM today Saturday August 10 2019. The victims were siphoning petrol from the vehicle when the tanker caught fire believed to be sparkled by the truck battery.

Reports say driver was avoiding to hit a bodaboda operator before losing control.

An amateur footage circulating in social media shows locals and bodaboda operators scrambling to siphon fuel before the explosion.

Statement from Tanzania President Dr. John Pombe Magufuli says “the president received the shocking reports of over 60 deaths and 70 injured after a fuel tanker was involved in an accident and burst into flames in Morogoro”.

“He further instructed Morogoro Regional Hospital to cooperate with Muhimbili National Hospital to ensure all casualties are treated to save their lives”.

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Fuel tankers are death traps, On saturday Jan 31st 2009 over 130 Kenyans lost their lives in Sachangwan, again about ten years later on 11th December 2016 a total of 40 Kenyans were burnt to death at Kinungi trading center along Nairobi-Nakuru highway. In all cases, victims rushed to fetch free fuel from the overturned tankers.

People should avoid siphoning fuel from overturned fuel tankers

Condolences to the families of our neighbours who lost their lives and quick recovery whishes to the injured.



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