Tanariver Governor in Support of the Punguza Mzigo Initiative.


Tana River Governor Godhana Gaddae has indicated support for the Punguza Mizigo constitutional amendment initiative.

The initiative backed by former presidential candidate Ekuru Aukot’s thirdway alliance which has passed the first stage after racking up the required one million signatures will soon be taken to the 47 county assemblies.

The governor was speaking at Madogo during the funeral of the late Mzee Shora Dhadho on Saturday.

Mzee Shora once served as a nominated councillor of Tanariver in the 70s and passed on last month.

The governor insisted that he would support the constitutional amendments owing to the need to reduce cost of running government under the current set up which is a burden to the common mwananchi.

The governor also urged the central government to allocate the local NYS camp an alternative piece of land. He further added that failure to this, he would join hands with the locals in efforts to repossess the disputed land.

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