Tanariver to Benefit in 2.3B EU, Jumuiya ya Kaunti Za Pwani Deal.


Tanariver County, a member of the Jumuiya ya Kaunti Za Pwani is among the coastal counties that will benefit from the 2.3 billion deal that the European Union has entered with the coastal counties in empowering the region and harnessing the blue economy.

In a meeting attended by Coastal Governors and European Union representatives, highlights were made in regards to the blue economy goals that the region has and its benefits.

Tanariver County Governor Rtd Major Dhadho Godhana outlined his countie’s strategy ranging from the industrial sector to agriculture.

He categorically stated that his county has already started the journey with the EU whereby an allocation of a cold storage facility for fish and milk and two other projects are ongoing and already at the tendering process stage.

“EU is working on a plan aiming at allocation of more funds to the region but before this bureaucratic process ends, we shall release the initial amount to the counties” said EU representative Herbart Peer.

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