Lamu Villagers Indoor As They Fear Alshabaab Attacks


Residents in Ishakani and Ras Kamboni on the border of Lamu and Somalia were on Saturday forced to remain indoors for hours as security agencies pursued suspected Al- Shabaab militants said to be planning attacks in the area.

Ishakani and Ras Kamboni villages are within the ongoing multi-agency security Operation Linda Boni zone.

Residents have been instructed by officers to limit their movements in the area to pave way for the security personnel to conduct massive crackdown on suspected Al-Shabaab militants who have been launching attacks and attempts in the areas in recent days.

A resident in Ishakani spoke to the media that they would, from time to time, hear loud gunshots and explosions coming from the Ras Kamboni direction, suggesting a possible attack.

“Security officers from the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) have been moving round our villages asking us to remain inside our houses since security is not good. They told us we should not even use the Ishakani-Ras Kamboni route at the moment to pave way for them to fight terrorists. We’ve also been hearing loud bursts and explosions from a distance towards Ras Kamboni,” said Mr Islam.

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Residents also observed an increase in the number of security personnel and vehicles that were patrolling the area on Saturday and the early hours of Sunday.

But according to security official, they have dismissed the attack claims, saying that the gunshots that residents heard were from a routine drill that was being conducted by security agencies in the various camps within the operation area.


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