Tanariver Holds First County Tourism Stakeholders Forum.


For the first time ever since devolution, the County Government of Tanariver through the department of tourism was able to hold a county tourism stakeholders forum at hola city.

The forum, moderated by Lilian Shari, County Tourism Department and Katherine Mwikali of the Kenya Association of Women in Tourism Coast Region was themed “Unlocking Tourism Potential” attracted over 70 stakeholders from the Hospitality sector, Conservancies , Kenya Worldlife Service, Kenya Forest Service, Nature Kenya, Kenya Association of Women in Tourism and the Entertainment industry was aimed at marketing Tanariver County as a tourist destination of choice and opening the county to the country.

What came out clearly from the stakeholders was that the county is rich in wildlife, beautiful scenery, culture and has a great potential in sports tourism that should be taken advantage of for it to realise the benefits of tourism in the county.

The Kenya Association of Women in Tourism Coast Region Coordinator Katherine Mwikali encouraged the stakeholders that they have what it takes to attract visitors and they should collaborate with other stakeholders like the Kenya Tourism Board in branding and marketing them.


KWS, KFS and Nature Kenya represented by Snr.Warden Ruga Miraj, Conservator Peter Kioko and George Odera respectively, updated the stakeholders on the state of the reserves, the challenges they are facing and the opportunities that are there to be explored.

There was a proposal by the stakeholders for the formation of a county tourism board whose mandate will be overseeing tourism activities in the county, an association was also formed at the forum named, Tanariver County Association of Hotel Keepers and Caterers whose members are hotel owners and those in the entertainment industry.


  1. Bravo bravo tana county tourism!
    Keep going, we are here to support,
    Hundreds of international tourists wants to visit tana..but how?
    Buono viaggio!


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