Mjue Ahmed Kanchoru aka the broken egg(the only radio personality from the orma community ).


Ahmed kanchoru Mula Saldho,was born in the year 1989,in Waldena village.He went to Waldena Primary School and in the year 2005 he joined Ikutha Boys High School in Ukambani. in the year 2010 Kanchoru joined Zetech university to study mass communication .

Kanchoru is the only radio personality from the orma community, currently working with Tana FM radio station in Hola. He is doing morning programs on week days.

His community is enjoying their own language through orma programme show ”Qomi Afaan Orma” on Friday evenings from 3-6 pm.

Ahmed kanchoru is also a news anchor at Tana Fm and also an artist. He sung traditional songs.

He is the first person to modernize Orma songs in the year 2011,
His famous songs are”Wolhinfenu,Nasibo, Hawo Maan,Gosan Garharnu Baseni,Habiba and other political songs”.

Kanchoru is currently studying public administration in one of the private universities .
He is looking forward to becoming a famous media personality from Tana River river after Kofa Murenje who has worked for k24 and other media houses .

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Ahmed Kanchoru in Tana Fm studio



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