How People Get Conned In Tana River County Jobs


If you are hearing this for the first time then you should be very keen when applying for any job position in Tana River. The con job has become a norm and many people have been conned money amounting to thousands in the name of securing a job.

Currently, the county government has announced jobs to the public and by now i believe hundreds have already applied. It is easy to apply for the job, you just download the forms from the Tana River website, attach your supporting document and wait for the interviews.

Since many of the desperate unemployed generations would like shortcuts to secure county job positions, they can be easily be convinced to part away with their hard-earned money. Some would even borrow in order to secure a slot.

This is how the con starts.

If you are keen in following the shortlisted number of people who are likely to be selected to these positions, you will realize the number of the shortlisted is overwhelming. You will find a position with over 50 shortlisted candidates. This is where the con utilizes this opportunity.

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You will be notified to attend your interview since you have been shortlisted. After the interview, you will be told that they will contact you. After waiting for some days, a person will contact you claiming you have been selected for the job and your input is immediately required. What they would want is a fee amount because there are others who are willing to offer the same amount or more for the same job. The person calling you will want you to transfer the amount as soon as possible before the slot given to others.

The guy will convince you because they know your full names, your date of birth, qualification, position applied for and all other relevant details. This is where the con will part away with your money. You send all the cash requested to his account and you wait forever, nothing happens.

What the victim does not know is that the caller has retrieved all their details from the county offices, and they are calling almost every one using the same script. At the end of the day tens of jobless youths became victims of the con.


This thing has been happening so be on the watch out. Do not send any money to anyone to secure a job. I know people who fell victims and others who almost fell into the trap.

On the part of the county government, they should protect the data of the applicants. Also, it would help a lot if they identify the people behind this con and bring them to book.


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