Five suspected members of the dreaded Gaza criminal gang have recorded a daring video warning police informers of dire consequences.
In the video which is reported to have been recorded in Madogo town in Tana River County and which has since gone viral, the gang members warn the named ‘informers’ of dire consequences. “Na wale ma-informer wako ndani ya Madogo Mimi na watumia taarifa Chufu, Juma na Gulish kila mtu nampiga kisu ya matako”

In the video, the five gang members are seen smoking marijuana in Langha area near seasonal river in Madogo.

The leader who referred to himself as ‘King wa Gaza’ bragged that since his arrival from Nairobi he had snatched 86 mobile phones and he was contradicting police reports that he had snatched 42 phones.

In the video, he gloats over his actions. “Mimi nikikamatwa nashukuru mungu sana, nimetesa watu wengi sana. Na ile watu nimenyanganya simu tangu toka nmetoka Nairobi nmehesabu, hata serikali ya Madogo imekosea wanasema ni watu 42 na ni watu 86. Watu wasiseme King wa Gaza ameishiwa, king wa gaza hajaishiwa ako na ile section yake ako ameenda training…”
If I get arrested, I will be grateful because I have really terrorised residents. The local authorities in Madogo are wrong to say I have stolen 46 mobile phones because I have actually violently stolen phones from 86 people… people should not say that the King of Gaza is finished, he is not finished, in fact he has gone for training in his area of specialisation…” he continues.


Watch the video here..

Gaza is a known gang that has terrorised residents of Dandora, Kayole and other parts of Eastlands, Nairobi.

Police identified the self proclaimed “King wa Gaza” as Seba Abasheko, popularly known as Johnnie in Nairobi.

Before relocating to Madogo escaping Police dragnet, his gang was involved in a gunfire exchange with the police in Mlango Kubwa in Nairobi where he narrowly escaped with his gun but his accomplices were all shot dead.

Police added that he is armed and very dangerous and that they are still looking for him and that action will be taken against whoever is sheltering him.


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