The coastal law maker who was admitted at the Aga Khan Hospital ICU after was attacked by unknown assailants, was in a company of Agnes Saumu Mbuvi, Nairobi County Governor Mike Sonko’s daughter.

The attack left him with deep cuts on his head among other injuries. According to a police statement the incidence occurred on Saturday 1st June 2019 at Memphis Lounge within ISIU neighbourhood where they the two watched a football match between Chelsea and Arsenal when they decided to leave the club at about 3:00 a. m. Ms Mbuvi was assaulted by a “short, brown man” as she entered a toilet.
When she raised alarm over the incident, the man allegedly fled and locked himself in a room.7

Senator Anwar Loitiptip responded to defend Ms Mbuvi, he followed the man asking him what he wanted with his woman in Swahili ‘unatakia nini mwanamke? Toka uniface uniongeleshe kama mwanamme!'(come out and face me as a man),” the man eventually came out and pleaded with the Senator for mercy, which he obliged and left the club with his female companion.
The senator was allegedly attacked by a group of nine unknown men who came after him at the parking lot accompanied by the brown man.

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According to the police statement, the attackers had clubs that they used to hit both the Senator and Governor Sonko’s daughter before running off.
Saumu is also nursing injuries to her right arm which she sustained while shielding Anwar from blows to the head that had already left him unconscious.


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