A Kinakomba Man Exiled From Village As He Is Alleged Of Witchcraft.


A man from Handampia village has been exiled from the village as he has been accused of witchcraft. The man who’s name we have withheld for security reasons is known to perform harm to others by using witchcraft and then bragging to people. Also, apart from performing witchcraft, the Kinakomba man is a well known medicine man who heal people using traditional herbs.

It is not the first time the man has been accused. Earlier, villagers from the village wanted to execute him by burning him and his family for his doing but later changed their mind since the man had a family with many children.

The latest incident happened when he was suspected to use witchcraft to kill a person. The villagers wanted to slaughter him but after consultation from village elders, they resolved to exiled him. Police came for his rescue.

Words reaching Pokomo Magazine desks has it that the man is currently living in Bohoni village. They know the medicineman and they have already warned him of consequences as they are Milalulu tribesmen.

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Handampia village is known to be a safe haven for witchcraft and traditional healers where known people and politicians would go there to seek for intervention.


  1. On the man who is a witch this a practice that need to be condemed by all peace loving citizen. However I wish to inform the writter that Handampia village is not in Kinakomba location from my understanding that village (Handampia) is in Ndura location.


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