How Tana River Youths Can Make Thousands of Money Online With This Free Guide


Making money online is easy. It can range from a cent to thousands of shillings per day depending on your discipline and determination.

The government in 2018 introduced a program whereby youths were to self employ themselves with the internet.

The program itself is designed to train and mentor individuals to work online. The program was to train a person enough so that they become compitent enough to work and became independent.

The training since its launch in September 2018 by the CS Jose Mucheru, thousands of youths have been able to work online and now earning from it.

In Tana River we saw such program being launched in various villages and so far it has proven to be effective.

Sadly, not everyone has been able to access the training due to its huge demand in the country. Luckily Pokomo Magazine has now been able to access the training modules and have a copy. You can download it here and open the gateway to your financial freedom.

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The interesting part of the modules is that you will be trained from being an online noob to a pro. All information has been provided and step by step instructions and information revealed to you into earning your first dollar online. Impressively the only basic skill required is to be able to switch on a computer.

Other requirements are simple. You just need a computer, a good working environment, reliable internet, a money withdrawal account, and critical thinking. Thats all.

Download the modules now here.


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