In Tana there have been clan clashes and later ethic clashes since memorial.

Different Pokomos clans used to fight against each other before the coming of the whites.

Then when the Cushites arrived, they used to fight the Pokomos until in recent years, when they started resisting. This led to causing the worst clashes ever seen in the area.

The Cushites also on their side clashed several times, and the most recent was a gun battle in Bura Constituency where Wardey were fighting Ormas.

It is likely possible that these historical situations have created assassins and to be more specific politicians assassins.

The first attempt on political assassination was on the former Governor Hon. Ambassador Hussein Tuneya Dado, by then he was a powerful government administration officer.

The targeters placed an ambush on Odha-Juction road. Unlike the normal shiftas who normally stopped road users and get away with their monies and goods, these gunmen opened fire aiming at the vehicle and its occupants. Clearly their intention was to kill and not to rob. It’s like they were working on order. Hussein Dado escaped death with several gunshots injuries.

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Who are the plotters? Upto date no one has been arrested and charged before our judicial courts. But Garjel, a Somali subtribe who were living in Danisa village were accused as the perpetrators.

They were rounded, tortured, their women raped, some even killed, later they were evicted from Danisa village by government agencies and later settled at their present village Ngumu. But during the 2007 elections, when Hon. Hussein Dado was campaigning to represent Garsen Constituency as Member of Parliament, he apologized to Garjel and said they didn’t know that they were involved.

A word from the street had it that the target was late Fares Kuindwa who was head of public service, but no one could confirm this since there was no suspect who was arrested.

Second attempt was on Hon. Dr. Nuh, the former Tana River Speaker and Bura Constituency M.P, but he escaped injured.

He was hunted like a Gazelle. His targeters were armed with bow and arrow, they planned to kill him while he was taking his meal ‘iftar’ after fasting the whole day as it was during Ramadan period.


Under the cover of darkness in Bangale village, the conspirators aimed one of the people taking meal and shot at Dr. Nuh’s father with a poisonous arrow and was pronounced dead after he was taken to hospital.

Upto date no one has been taken to police station for interrogation. The 2017 gubernatorial candidate handlers think and say he was the target but killers missed the chance few seconds after the politician moved into the house when his father was shot at.

It was his first time to try his hand in politics. The incidence even fuelled his campaign and eventually he won.

Last General 2017 election, a young man who was hired by I.E.B.C was shot dead by suspected politician. This was the last day where the I.E.B.C Tana River returning officer was to announce the women representative, senatorial and the gubernatorial results.

It happened when some politicians stormed the venue. I think the idea was to cause mayhem in the hall then staff the ballot boxes with already marked ballot papers. We cannot say much about this as the matter is still under investigation, but at the end, a young hustler was killed by suspected Tana River politicians. We are waiting for the agencies through court confirmation to tell us who was the killer.

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If nothing is done by our government, I foresee these kind of killings may still pop up. We are requesting the government to move with speed to bring these killers to face justice.


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