The Hidden Secrets of Ngao Village


At first when it was mentioned to me, I would mistake it for Nguo or Ngoa…

Ngao people are so friendly… I got to know this as I interacted with them during my 2 days stay. They love visitors… the locals explain the meaning of their village as a metal shield not a’ war shield’. The people love peace and unity is their daily bread.. people oozing goodness, they embrace visitors with love, share food and hospitality is their stronghold.

Upon entry to Ngao Village, for my case attending a funeral ceremony, they wait for the people at the main entrance of the village to receive the msafara, prior to the arrival of the convoy, a community bell is rung and people know its time to go usher in the convoy, this is achieved by everyone coming out and if you own businesses like shops at the shopping centre it is mandatory that you close the shop and join the others in receiving the guests and welcoming them to the village . They then pray and give thanks for the safe journey mercies and for the berieved family to get consolation and to know that they are not alone in their grief…they then match towards the family’s home while singing hymns of praise and worship, and men can they sing!

Everyone in Ngao is a musician, what do I mean? From the singing in the bus to the singing at home and in church …they are really blessed with beautiful, musical, sweet, soothing voices be it the old or the young. Their music and songs are not boring…you can either nod, swing with the tune or keep listening to different words combined with different tunes to bring out a wonderful message of hope to the family and friends at large…

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The church choirs voices are like the one’s heaven has promised where the angels sing magnificently. They have a musical night which they call Gware… people spend the night singing gospel songs and hymns while seated and others performing for the audience…just like the old country way…

The food in Ngao is plenty, starting from, fish from the lake to vegetables in the farms….the surrounding river Tana has created an ox bow lake(lake shakababo) where Ngao people continue to benefit in terms of water supply, fishing and farming. The lake is also known for hippos and crocodiles which when caught are a delicacy in the area. Ngao people are tall, strong, muscular and heavily built especially men…the women of Ngao are something else…brown cavacius beautiful women who are proud to be women with no apologies and they carry themselves with dignity and integrity…the secret they say is the local fish (mtonzi) which they cook naturally by boiling without additional stuffs.


Ngao has a strong background of Christianity, presence of old churches build by the missionaries like The African Inland Church and others. The foundation of unity is love and people from Ngao love each other as they love themselves. Everybody goes to church at least in some events. They are strong believers of Jesus Christ and they don’t hesitate to tell you about the sweet Jesus…the brotherhood and sisterhood is strengthened by having morals guidance from religious leaders and community values. In Ngao traditions are kept and maintained… The generation transition can be seen by their values and virtues passed on to them.

The temperatures in Ngao are cool in the evening and of course very hot during the day… I heard people say that the sun is 3° lower compared to other places and damn! They were right! The sun hits the sandy soils and bounces back to your feet…if the heat from the sand can melt a black shoe’s sole what of the heat hitting you directly from the sun? Nevertheless, people are used to the heat…infact some even walk barefoot! For us shade is essential…

Houses in Ngao are built in a manner that embraces visitors… I was surprised to find houses with almost 10 rooms inside but from outside it looks like a 3 rooms house… I don’t know how but they construct very beautiful houses with plenty of rooms which are spacious enough…the houses are well furnished and surprisingly equiped with all modern technology electronic appliances…Ngao is a village town… You don’t hear of smoke while cooking when there are gas cookers all over…you can never miss an episode of Aziza because you went to Ngao…you can even view the episode in 3D plasma televisions… Electricity is available and affordable to all, the security lights are on during the nights… talking of the night, you should see the sky in Ngao at night. My oh my! The stars are in galaxies and are brightly shining…if you have never been mesmerized by stars I tell you to try Ngao…the stars visit each other all night… forming different but beautiful patterns…

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Ngao people, I noticed have an enquisite taste in clothing and style. The women clad in beautiful gowns and vitenges and they all look like the queens they are! Ngao women love bright coloured garments. Men not being left behind, they all dress in official shirts and trousers and once in a while they put on a tie in official occasions.

My people Ngao is a destination place…Go see for yourself!



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