One of the most underlying basis of love is life. Love isn’t a joke because a life is involved. When I talk of life I mean everything that Keeps you moving, any precious thing at every moment in time and space.

When money is what you need now that means it’s the precious thing to you at the moment. It’s like your being is depended on it. If you give it then love is involved. Thus when someone gives you money and they’re are also struggling understand that it’s love not help. Again if someone is struggling to have time to themselves because of work; it means it’s precious to them at the moment yet they spare a little for you, my dear hug them; it’s love. We all know that time is life; many have died of acumulated fatigue for lack of rest.

The small details is what we really don’t pay attention to. You don’t literally kill yourself to prove your love to someone but giving what you treasure at a certain moment is giving your life as well. Where your treasure is, there is your heart. So ladies don’t run for his money if he’s filthy rich since he has much on his disposal. Give him your heart if he gives you his; if he’s ready to share part of his precious commodity with you. That’s love.

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One should be scared with this thing called “Love.” Because to love is to give part of your life to someone. Are you ready? Remember the Titanic movie, jack had to give what he treasured at the moment. He literally didn’t kill himself but he gave what would have kept him moving- a floating piece of debris. Something that would have been useless to him if not for the tragedy.

Therefore the underlying principle is this: you give life to what you love. If you see someone killing a person they loved question that love. It’s not pure. Love is not selfish and doesn’t seek its own things. If someone you love doesn’t reciprocate, that won’t make your love futile instead you will seek for their happiness. You will set them free to choose what they want.

That part of your life that wants to be treated right and good, that’s what you have to give to the one you love. There’s no love without sacrifice. Life answers to sacrifices. You want to touch the heart of someone give them what you treasure even if it’s small; what matters is that it’s coming from the deepest part of your heart.


In conclusion make your love life memoriable because people tend to value memories than the actual person. The sacrifice you pay today will always speak for you and will create memories in the lives of those you sacrificed for and in every moment of their lives they will miss you.



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