A hope for Tana River talents knocks the door.


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Talents have been a huge boost to individuals in their lives. Talents have played critical roles and made immense impacts on people’s lives. In Kenya there are celebrities because of talents. Do you know Tana River County has been witnessed with talents in different areas? Though Tanarians have been blessed with such talents, inadequate exposure has hindered their prosperity. Football is one of the sports which has attracted the entire world. As a county, we have been blessed with talents to showcase on soccer. Pokomo magazine went one on one with the young football foundation to know all about the foundation, with its philosophy on talents particularly in the county.

The Young Football Foundation was established in the year 2008. In the year 2014 was registered with social services. The aim of the foundation is to promote quality education, talents and peace among all Tana River County.

The goal is to make the future of youths to become determined and ready for a friendly learning environment and nurture their talents.
The foundation splits onto different categories accordingly on ages.
The Eleven Wise Under 12.
Young Obama Football Club Under 16
Obama Football Club Under 23.

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Obama Angles Under 16.

The foundation is located in Madogo, Tana North Sub-County, Tana River County. Currently, it has strengthened to Hola with another branch there. It targets to be found in the parts of the county at large. The foundation fosters gender equality as it is full packed with both girls and boys.

As we speak, here is the governing body of the foundation;

Founder Young Football Talents Foundation/Chairman- Wanjala Osundwa

Charlady- Hadija Lalafa

Secretary- Said Kofa

Treasurer- Mumina Molu

Organising Secretary- Twalib Musa

As a foundation, it had made incredible achievements. Here includes ;
(i) has taken several young players to different high schools and given chances to nurture their talents.
(ii) it had engaged in peace awareness through football leagues which involved football clubs of the different communities. This has made fruitful impacts.

It is through the monthly contributions and the assistance from the applications of bursaries, that it gives to the orphans who are mostly found in the foundation and those who are incapable to pay their school fees.

We had to ascertain the challenges it faces and the chairperson, Mr Wanjala Osundwa, had this to add. ” Inadequate training materials such balls, boots. Capital is the major challenge. As you know money is the major issue. We run all our activities if we had money. Some of our players are orphans hence they need special care such food which they miss at their homes. Infact, early last year we subjected a proposal to our county government and we channelled to the right department but as we speak there is no any feedback”.

Mr Osundwa went further with a word for Tana River County youths. ” Youths should engage themselves in useful activities such sport activities not particularly football but they can engage in useful activities that can boost our economy of Tana River. On the sports, it brings good relationship which enhances peace among Tana River communities.
Secondly, it eradicates idleness among youths hence making them to avoid immoral acts. Thirdly, sports has made many talented individuals hired and being paid very well. Sportsmanship gives the young generation to enhance discipline and determined in the community. That’s my advice to youths in Tana River County “.

The foundation looks forward to continue the same forever to help individuals at different ages so that can nurture their talents. You can find the foundation on Facebook as Young Talents Football Foundation Tana River County. You can also contact through +254710261476 or through Email youngfootballtalents@gmail.com .




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