Bangale Town Soon To Be Lighted


In the coming weeks the residents of Bangale will be smiling as KPLC has already set electricity polls in area. It is expected by the end of the first quarter of this year electricity will be flowing in the resident’s houses. The small town has been depending on solar and fossil energy to power their houses and business for ages. Soon the cost of running businesses which reduce with the coming of power lines.

Bangale is a small town which is found in Bura constituency. It is estimated that the town has over 10,000 residents living within the area. Bangale is termed as one of the major business hub in the area. The small town has seen a growth in the business sector as new investment are being erected now and then.

Every small town has their own challenge and Bangale main challenge is lack of running water. The town since time memorial has depended on water boozers and rain water collected on small dams. As I write this article, Bangale town is at the verge of a crisis as the water dams have dried up. There is need for water to serve the thousands of residence in the area.

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Last year the county government promised they would buy water boozer so as to supply water to places hit by water shortage. Apart from that, it is now high time for the county government to come up with a permanent solution of drilling wells or better they should bring piped water to the region.

As the residence wait for electricity to come to the town, they hope the county government together with TAWASCO will follow suit and elevate the status of the residence of Bangale by bringing clean water.


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